Well... I guess that now I'm officially one of those millions of girls who have started a fashion blog. Now, I'm not sure where this will get me, but its better than sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing all day long. Yes, I know what you are thinking, instead of sitting in front of the TV, she spends her time behind her PC. Hah! This is not exactly true, and let me tell you why. In my opinion, starting a decent blog brings great responsability, in other words, I will have to not only sit and write a blog, but also: take pics for it, put together outfits, spend hours shopping, readother's blogs, comment to get more readers, not be lame, etc. The list is long. 

Now, first things first, maybe I should introduce myself? I'm a teenage girl who a little while ago fell in love with shoes and jewelry, and recently also with clothes. I'm a pretty complex person and I like to push myself to perfection with some things (like drawing), but not on other stuff (like math, a subject that I happen to hate above any other subject...). I may be somewhat awkward some days, and-- oh who, am I kidding, I'm weird and awkward all of the time. I guess thats what makes me so special: my personality. Like many other girls, I like designing clothes, but like most of them, I'm not always very good at it.

I guess thats all you need to know for right now.

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